Spice Up Your Home With Vintage Rugs

9 May

Spice Up Your Home With Vintage Rugs

Rugs are a great way to bring some personality to your home. Rather than just using the plain floor design your home already comes with, why not supplement that with something decorative that lends a little spark and character? Vintage area rugs can be a great choice, especially given that an old favorite is very likely to be a favorite again.

Aside from the aesthetics of using an area rug to spice up your home, there are multiple purposes for them.

  1. Rugs help bring your furniture together. Without a rug, walking into the home would feel like something is missing, as if there is a void somewhere smack in the middle of the room. Why not fill in that void with some decorative piece to make the room more whole?
  2. It is like artwork for your floors. Unlike artwork you hang on your walls, rugs are like a horizontal piece where the abuse of our stinky feet is permitted. It is something else to look at in the house for viewing pleasure.
  3. In extension to #2, it is good for your feet. Rugs can also provide a protective barrier between your feet and knees and the hard floor beneath. It is a nice cushion, rather than hurting your feet or knees from coming into the bare floor.
  4. Easy to store. One of the great things about rugs is that they are very easy to store. It is not like a big bulky piece smack in the middle of the living room. If you are in need for a home makeover, you can just easily roll it up, and store it away.
  5. It can absorb sound. Ah, the sound of a quieter, less echoing home. If you have kids running around, noisy pets or anything that can cause any noise pollution to your home, rugs can combat that issue by absorbing sound.

There is hardly a bad thing to say about rugs. It is an all-around good accessory to add to the place you would love to call home. Whether it is for decorative or technical purposes, a rug will not let you down.